Mr. Joshua Beck

DOB: July 22, 1975


Belt Certifications:
Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation) 3rd Degree Black Belt (began training in 2001)DSC04436
Korean Hapkido Federation 1st Degree Black Belt
(began training in 2001)


Other Certifications:
Also holds rank in Judo and Kendo
Lil’ Dragons Certified Instructor


Local, State and National Taekwondo, Kendo and Hapkido Competitions (2000-2009)

Served as the Chief Instructor and Coach at a California based Dojang for five years (2004-2009)

Owned and operated Beck’s Black Belt Academy in Rancho Cucamon, California (2009-2010)

Currently training and instructing at the Shiawassee Martial Arts Center

Certified Instructor:
Adult Taekwondo
Junior Taekwondo
Lil’ Dragons
Women’s Self Defense and Fitness
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