Rank Requirements (Taekwondo and Lil’ Dragon)

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2015-03-09 16.38.39TAEKWONDO AND LIL’ DRAGON

Stars & Bars Instructions

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Stars & Bars Requirements

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1) New Star & Bar must be ironed on before continuing
· SMAC will iron Stars & Bars on for $2.00 each
· Additional Stars & Bars can be purchased for $1.00 each

2) Stars and Bars must be ironed as shown on the templates
· 3 to 6 Stars & Bars – Ironed on the Belt or Uniform
· 7 and Above – Ironed on the Uniform

3) All Stars and Bars must be attained before the Student will be allowed to promote

4) All Students must satisfy “minimum time” in grade requirements
· “Time in Grade” records are kept by the tablet at our front counter. Make sure every class is recorded to assure that the Student is allowed to test when they are eligible.

5) Star and Bar waiting periods
· Students should request a “mini’ lesson with an available instructor before attempting for their next Star or Bar to determine their readiness.  Attempts should be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart to assure that the Student has time to practice each upcoming requirement.




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